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Living Room, Take 4!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

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Stages of our living room:

Our living room has seen more than a few different phases. While the layout has always remained the same, the overall look has evolved during the time we’ve lived in this home. Using furniture, textiles, and accessories, I’ve gradually added (and removed) pieces to get it to where it is today. We are finally happy with the current look of our living space and haven’t had the itch to change anything in quite some time. But lets have a look at all of our past living room looks!

(Phase 1) Where it all started:

The layout above was the first rendition of our living space. I remember posting these photos to Instagram in May of 2019, as my very first post. I was so nervous about posting our home because it felt like such a vulnerable moment. Today, I'm so thankful to be able to look back and see where it all began. (You can see a peak of our TV unit before it's makeover!)

All of the furniture and accessories pictured followed us from our previous rental. I basically copy and pasted our old living room into this house. We lived with this version from February, until June when I began switching things up.

(Phase 2) Switching things up:

We eventually got a new rug, brought in these director's chairs (#Craigslist score), and painted our TV unit black. (Scroll back up to the top to see this same view today!)

The new rug really grounded the space and added in some color (which was lacking). I was very happy with this look, until I wasn't...

(Phase 3) Something's missing:

It wasn't long until I felt like something was missing. This space needed more. More warmth, more layers, more SOUL. We switched out the coffee table for this round one, with the matching swivel chair. I was reluctant to bring in the matching set, for fear of it feeling dated. But the room is such a collected mix of pieces, I think they fit right in! I scored a bistro table from FB Marketplace that resembles the one from World Market, and used it as our side table. I also added a thrifted bookcase on the opposite side of the TV unit. With the chair flanking the other side, the TV wall boasts an asymmetrical look that I love.

We also added a table behind the sofa after one of our entryway edits.

(Phase 4) 4th Time's The Charm:

With some minor tweaking, I was able to get the living room to a place I'm finally satisfied with! I switched out the previous rug with a vintage turkish rug I received for Mother's Day 2020. I edited the pillow collection, and brought in some new live plants from Urban Planting Cleveland. Other small changes that made a difference to the new feel of the space: Fresh bookcase styling, new lamp shade for our thrifted lamp, and "hemming" the curtains with hem tape. So from May of 19 to May of 20, I'd say we've come a long way!

I wasn't lying when I said our living room has seen more than a few different phases. Notice how different each phase looks without having changed any wall colors, or hard finishes? I really enjoy customizing our rental with the use of collected furniture and vintage pieces. It has taken a little over a year for us to find a look that sticks. The feeling of "home" is not overnight! Sometimes it takes time, and many tweaks in between.


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