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A Dresser Makeover:

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

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Where it all started:

The dresser pictured above is the first painting project I showcased on my Instagram account.

I scored this midcentury dresser from Offer Up about 3 years ago, for $30. I remember begging my mom to ride with me to go pick it up. We drove about 45 mins out to pick it up from a nice older couple. It fit perfectly in my Dodge Caliber (gosh I miss that car) with room to spare!

Back then, it lived in our apartment as our bedroom dresser. Next, it lived a short life as my son's dresser, and later, as the tv unit in our previous rental home. When we moved to our current home, I continued to use it as our tv unit, and knew it was time to give it a makeover. I purchased this chalk paint to keep things simple. Chalk paint is one of those mediums that never fails me when painting furniture. I've used it in so many applications. It's affordable, and very forgiving!

This dresser was the first makeover I'd ever documented. I painted the piece last year, right in our living room.

Side Note: How many of you remember me using "Vaseline" to seal the dresser? I didn't have any poly to do the job, and came up with the bright idea to use Vaseline as a sort of wax (NOT!) Not one of my proudest moments, I admit. But hey, it held over for a while before wearing off! I often tell my Instagram friends: "Don't be like me". This is one of those moments.


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