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An Entryway Styled 3 Ways

In my previous blog post, I talked about the style evolution of our entryway. This space has seen a few different looks, leading up to its current state. At the moment, it is a bit classic and minimal, with modern touches.

Classic & Minimal

White Bowl (Similar) | (Similar) | Vase (Similar) | Table (Similar)

I thought it would be fun to style two more vignettes for your viewing pleasure. I used decor and furniture from around the house to create additional setups. One a bit textural and moody, and the other being more clean lined and modern.

Textural & Moody:

The large scale art was a DIY, and acts as the focal piece in this style. We often see mirrors in entryways, but I love the look of art in its place. Up the scale for a more dramatic look! I layered all of my thrifted finds from around the home, (minus this book, and a delicious smelling candle.) Using books and a wood pedestal, I added height to smaller items. I wanted to avoid having all of the decor on the same plane. Texture is a key component here. We se it in the art piece, the vase and foliage (erm weeds), the carved wood table legs, and in decor pieces like the baskets.

Modern & Clean Lines:

In this look, I started with a table. I like to begin with the furniture piece, which in this case was our vintage burl wood Parsons table. I love the clean lines on this one. On a normal day, this piece lives in our sunroom carrying the weight of my beloved plants.

I added in some texture by bringing in velvet ottomans (similar) to sit underneath the table. The rich blue plays so well with the warm hue of the table.

More layers were added in for depth: A leaning mirror, and some smaller art pieces boast the best of both worlds. I spread out the decor to cover the entire surface of the entry table. As a result, instead of a table lamp, I opted for this floor lamp. When styling an entry, I never leave out foliage of some sort. Here I pulled in our ficus bush for a pop of green.

On Function and beauty:

Function and beauty go hand in hand for me. Behind every beautifully styled space, should be function that allows it to work hard for you. There’s no exception to that rule when an entry is the topic. I love adding in layers of decor, but I believe there are items that set the tone for a hard working entry:

A mirror/Large art for interest

A bowl for keys, loose change, jewelry, etc.

A basket for shoes, leashes, etc.

Ottomans/A bench for, well, sitting. Lighting

Adding all, or just a few of these items will keep your entry both functional, and attractive.

On shopping your home:

For people who shy away from change, shopping your own home is the best way to revive a stale space (for free!) This is where being intentional with the things you add to your home come into play. All of the pieces you have to play with in your own home should already be ones you love. Because of this, the new moments you’ve created by shopping your own loved items will automatically work! It's unlikely that you'll end up hating a setup thats compiled of all your favorite items.

It was quite fun playing dress-up with the entry. Gathering items from all over the house to create these different setups felt exhilarating. I'm actually contemplating keeping one of these looks as our new permanent setup! Can you guess which one?

Don't forget to shop your own homes before buying new. You never know whats hiding right under your nose! And more importantly, let's not forget that furniture placement does not have to be permanent. Yes, I do believe that "If it ain't broke don't fix it". But in contradiction to that statement "Change is good", and can be quite the soul cleanser! I dare you to switch some things up this weekend, just to see how you like it.


Please note: I earn a small affiliate commission on some of the links I post here. If you happen to buy something through my links, it is at absolutely no cost to you! I recommend only products I like, myself. Thank you so much for your support!


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