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An Entryway Evolution

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Similar to our living space, our entry has seen quite a few looks, leading up to its current view. Fun fact: The space we have named our entry is not actually where we enter our home. We typically enter through the side door. But since the side entry does not have space for a beautiful vignette, I've created one in our main living area.

Before we moved in, I already had our living room planned out in my head, based off of the realtor photos. I knew I wanted the sofa to "float" in the middle of the room, facing the TV wall. I wanted a second sofa or set of chairs in front of the window. (Done) And behind the sofa, I wanted that empty space to be dedicated to an entry vignette.

Our entry began with a table. We scored this half-moon entry table from FB Marketplace, last year, for $30. I love how the worn leather-wrapped detail juxtaposes the feminine curves of the legs. Immediately after bringing it in, I shopped our house and added a lamp, vase (similar), and mirror to accompany the table.

It wasn't long before more layers came into the mix! Below is what the setup looked like last Fall. I played with different heights and textures, adding in some dried sticks, a small plant atop stacked books, and a hammered iron bowl.

I DIY'd a large scale art piece to live on the adjacent staircase wall. Feeling like the entryway needed seating, I brought in these ottomans for underneath the new art.

Ottomans: Similar Similar Similar

Now to someone who's never stepped foot in our home, it would appear that we have two separate entryways. Thats because the staircase wall is painted a grey/blue accent color, unlike the rest of the room. In most of the photos I post, the two walls (which sit side by side) appear completely unattached. The photos above gives a better perspective of how the two walls connect.

As time went on, I added more pieces to the living side of the room. The entry space eventually began to feel cluttered. Some editing and tweaks along the way has led to how our entry looks today.

I removed the ottomans, added a (Marketplace) sofa table, and gave the art a facelift that plays well with the rest of the room. In the end, we ended up with a table vignette on one wall, and just the large scale art piece on the adjacent one. One day I'd love to add a picture light above the art for an elevated look.

In it's current view, the entryway is usually styled quite minimally. There is a lot happening in the room as a whole, so I prefer this area to feel more "calm".

This is the layout that has stuck for some time now. I can see it usually takes me a few tries before a space feels "right". I'm beginning to feel like Goldilocks around here!


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