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A New Project + Moodboard!

I've been holding out on you. But I promise, it wasn’t my intention to. If you remember me raving in my Instagram Stories about changing up our den/dining space, then bless you. That was 2 months ago. And I even left you hanging with mood boards, a promise to paint (BM Wrought Iron won), and even teased about a wallpaper nook? Well if you’ve been following me awhile you KNOW I tend to move slow and steady. (It may be the 58 year old woman in me *wink*) If I haven’t lost you yet, I’ve been cooking up something special! Which is why the den/dining has come to a complete HALT.

Ok that’s enough backstory.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with The Home Depot to completely transform a space in our rental home! Using their flooring options, I get to update our small galley kitchen, and give it a completely new look! Okay, a lot of you are rolling your eyes right now. I can feel it. But seriously, I’m documenting everything, starting here! And I get to bring you along as we give this space the makeover it deserves. Still not buying it? That’s fine. I get it. I tend to drag things out over an excessive amount of time. But not this! This is happening, and I’m so excited. I’ve ordered things. Things are arriving. Some things are already here! (Stay tuned) I’ve been thrifting and Pinning and Etsy-ing until my heart's content. I can honestly say it feels good to be working on something that’s moving along in an adequate time frame.

So, let’s talk about where we are with the space:

(Kitchen back in February: I installed a drying rack/peg shelf for function, and a vintage rug for some interest.)

(Kitchen today: Pretty much the same, with the additions of a new microwave, toaster, and the subtraction of a cabinet door.)

(The many layers of renter's past on these drawers can easily be sanded down, and repainted.)

As you can see, it’s a small and modest galley style kitchen. I find that some of my favorite kitchens are galley style: (hey Carmeon Hamilton, Heidi Callier Design, Erin Conway)

Don't get me wrong, we have a good kitchen. (It's not lost on me how blessed we are to even be able to say that.) But some good design is lacking. And despite my efforts to add personality and customization to our rental kitchen, it still falls short. (I'm looking at you builder beige ceramic tile. And that mosaic ain't fooling nobody.) Yes, this kitchen is good, but it deserves some LOVE. When The Home Depot mentioned flooring to me, the first place I thought of was our kitchen.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish in the space:

-Completely transform the look & feel of the space by using peel and stick vinyl tile on floors and backsplash

-Add attractive accessories and art

-Create as much function as possible

-Accept the things I cannot/won’t be changing:


-Cabinet placement

-Wall color

-Faucet and appliances

Mood board!

-New Flooring (Grey Marble, Black Marble)

-Attractive accessories


Here's just some of the stunning images that have sparked inspiration in me for this makeover:

(Source: ChrisLovesJulia)

(Source: reDesign Home)

(Source: Joanna Gaines)

(Source: Devol Kitchens)

Be sure to come back here to the blog for more details leading up to the big reveal! I know that blogs don't get nearly as much love as Instagram. But for reference, everything will have a permanent place here. I'll be showing sneaky updates in my Stories, but my blog will have the Goods!

See you soon!


Please note: I earn a small affiliate commission on some of the links I post here. If you happen to buy something through my links, it is at absolutely no cost to you! I recommend only products I like, myself. Thank you so much for your support!


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